TP PLUS 4K Full HD Pen Camera Indoor Outdoor Hidden Camera Ultra Small Camera, Support 128GB Micro SD Card Long Battery Backup Audio & Video Recording Pen for Security Purpose

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CU-TECH : Pen camera pen with audio video recording pen video pen 4k pen camera voice recorder pen pen voice recorder pen recorder recording pen camera pen Newest model upgraded 2023! For easy, on-the-go video, nothing beats a camera pen camera recorder. Lightweight and a perfect fit for any pocket, these fully functional ballpoint pens begin recording with the click of a button, providing hours of recording. The built-in 350 mAh battery can work for 150 minutes after being fully charged. Your recordings can be set to include a time and date stamp, making later review when plugged into your computer via USB even easier. The recording pen HD proves once again that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. If you need a cam with accurate functioning and HD resolution that gets the bang for your buck, this is the camera for you. Record the most memorable and important moments. When you think of a pen, your first inclination might be to think of James Bond. And, to be fair, there are plenty of “espionage” jobs that might require a pen. A good private detective, or even a police detective, might want to carry one. But there are also a number of more mundane reasons you might want a pen. Let’s say you’re a student. You want to record lectures, but you’re self-conscious about using a visible tape recorder. A pen is a great solution to your problem! The same also applies in the business world, where you may want to record a seminar or presentation. Pens can also be used for recording interviews. Job interviews can make any applicant nervous, and a visible recorder may increase their anxiety. A discreet pen can help you keep interviews straight without intimidating your applicants. 2023 Upgraded camera pen.
CU-TECH : This pen-type camera supports Full HD 1920 x 1080P standard. Capture high definition video with full HD Capture ultra-high definition image quality that is too enough to be used for business meetings and security purposes
CU-TECH : Pen-shaped anatomic? The pen-style camera simulates a ballpoint pen with excellent anthropic properties, allowing you to shoot safely with natural weeds. The ultra-compact camera is useful in a variety of situations, such as theft prevention in your close proximity and recording evidence of mischief at home or at work
CU-TECH : To record your favorite on site sports, some exciting performance, happy moments on a gathering, wedding and so on. So, you can repeat these joys on your computer again and again.